Leverage AI analytics to add value to the business and improve content creation process

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February 03, 2020, 11:25 AM UTC

Content governance platforms can help enhance the content creation process “Before” it is published.

This piece argues businesses should use analytics that can align content with the brand's content strategy and help marketers effectively communicate with the consumers. Marketers should also look for analytics that shows the ROI to not only add value to the business but also improve their content creation process.

The author contends that AI can help marketers map content based on buyer journeys, identify keywords and topics for their content. The technology can also aid brands to glean insights into competitors, monitor the digital ad space and predict the outcome of their campaigns.

Content governance platforms enable marketers to measure the performance of metrics like clarity and accuracy before the content is published. Marketers can analyse the data from content governance platforms to improve content performance and make necessary adjustments.

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