Create Story Highlight Albums on Instagram to expand the shelf life of customer reviews

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February 03, 2020, 3:27 PM UTC

91% of people read customer reviews before making a purchase decision.

This piece recommends marketers should post customer testimonials in their Instagram Stories to build credibility. Brands can further save their testimonial-related story content to their Highlight Albums. It can not only permanently save the short-lived content, but can also make it easily accessible in the future.

Marketers can also share a short quote from a satisfied customer to help prospects understand how their product or service has helped the consumer. Highlighting customer quotes in text graphics can help brands showcase their brand value in their Instagram feed.

Sharing video testimonials and product reviews from customers can also be “engaging and convincing” for the brand’s prospects. The author says that businesses should make a second account to share their customer testimonials and cross-promote it on the primary account.

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