55.1% of users only click on a brand they know within the search results

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February 03, 2020, 1:28 AM UTC

Brand recognition seems to be the second largest influence on clickthroughs.

As per research done by Ignite Visibility, meta descriptions, brand name and page titles (in that order) are the biggest factors influencing clickthroughs on search results. Over 500 people aged 25-60 were polled.

A majority of those surveyed state that Google is improving its search results with the inclusion of featured snippets and other SERP features. The research revealed that 62.9% of respondents were influenced the most by the description, 24.2% by the brand name and 13% by the title to click on a search result.

Contrarily, 55.1% of participants reported clicking on a brand they know within the search results. The report also found that 66.7% of those polled would use Google less if it inserted more ads into search results.  

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