Businesses should educate their employees to help them become loyal brand ambassadors

Tasim Zahid
January 31, 2020, 4:34 PM UTC

As opposed to other channels employees can help increase the reach of the company’s branded messages by 561%.

This piece suggests brands should educate their employees about their organizations’ voice and values to make them more aware of the businesses. Companies should further guide employees about the best way to share brand messages while remaining authentic. 

Companies should ask their employees to share their insights and suggest ideas on boosting brands’ online presence to make them feel empowered and involved. Engaging employees also motivates them to share their experiences in social circles outside work as well.

The author recommends businesses should build a “transparent and nurturing” work environment and treat their employees with respect. Creating an atmosphere where the company values align with the employees’ values helps make them loyal brand ambassadors.

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