Brands should always disclose if AI systems have been implemented

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January 31, 2020, 5:18 PM UTC

Making AI disclosure mandatory would help people fight commercial fraud and deceptive politics.

This piece argues that with technological advancements and expansion of datasets, AI would get more effective at driving sales but it requires careful deployment.  A cited experiment found that chatbots outperformed inexperienced salesperson when their identity was not disclosed, but sales performance dropped by 80% when chatbots revealed itself as artificial intelligence. 

Still, consumers should have a right to know the influence behind it was an automated system. Bots on social media should be labelled as automated to prevent AI from unethically influencing people.

Bots have not only been creating commercial fraud and political deceptions but also spreading dangerous pseudoscientific messages. The author contends technologists must set a standard for transparency before people are misled by an “incredibly intelligent AI”.

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