B2B marketers must avoid “overrelying on data” and make room for intuition as well

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January 31, 2020, 11:03 AM UTC

B2B marketers have access to fewer touch points compared to consumer brands to gather the data used in making sales and marketing decisions.

This piece argues that B2B brands shouldn’t dismiss data completely. They should take marketing decisions by knowledge, gut and intuition.

Though data is crucial for making decisions, it’s not as abundantly available to marketers in a B2B sales environment. Consumer brands can afford to build sophisticated models using data gathered from several touch points, but “B2B marketers don’t have that luxury”.

With the limited visibility into the buyer’s organisation, finding out who the stakeholders and decision-makers are requires a combination of organisational knowledge and intuition. When selling a product or service, B2B marketers must have clarity on who in the company would be making the actual purchase and who would be using it.

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