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Publishers and walled gardens are well placed to operate in that ecosystem.

The digital advertising industry should rethink its reliance on third-party cookies, as they are set to be eliminated. With GDPR emphasising ethical data collection and Google halting the use of third-party cookies presents challenges for advertisers relying heavily on third-party cookies.

Advertisers should rethink data collection, ad tracking and targeting processes and ensure their methods are compliant with GDPR and CCPA. Given a large publisher’s access to first-party data, they’re placed better to operate in a post-cookie world. They might shift from ad-supported model to a subscription-based model.

Walled gardens like Facebook and Google already own logged-in data and would become more valuable to advertisers. The walled gardens would also attract more ad dollars towards themselves. However, ad-tech companies will need to develop standardised IDs.

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