PR professionals should “Pub-Test” their subject before approaching journalists

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January 30, 2020, 5:24 PM UTC

The data set supporting the brand’s story adds value to the journalists and their readers.

This piece talks about how PR professionals should approach journalists to pitch their stories. Before reaching out to journalists, PR professionals should “Pub-Test” their subjects before taking it to the media.  If they can discuss the topic successfully with their friends in a social setting like a pub, it is more likely to appeal to journalists as well.

Next, marketers should use a short and engaging subject line while approaching the press with their stories. It should be concise and sufficient enough to give journalists an idea about the story instantly.

The author also suggests PR people should read the research on behalf of their clients and extract critical findings for the press. They should compare two or more data sets and break them down region-wise to get the journalist’s attention.

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