Marketers targeting different shopper types must understand consumers and their interactions

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January 30, 2020, 9:47 AM UTC

A research by UpSellit categorises shoppers into five kinds; The Bargain Hunter, The Armchair Analyst, The Early Adopter, The Impulse Shopper and The Experiential Shopper.

This article states brands should understand different consumer types and their interactions with products or services to enhance conversions. To target bargain hunters, people that love a good deal, marketers can offer discounts before checkouts and opt-in alerts for price fluctuations.

Armchair analysts extensively research the products they buy. For them, brands can create comparison tables on product pages and send remarketing emails to help them make purchasing decisions.

A seamless user experience throughout the marketing funnel ensures purchases are streamlined for impulse buyers, who make emotional purchases. Creating product messages based on latest product trends can help brands motivate early adopters who follow influencers and trends.

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