Marketers should embrace revenue operations to align with sales efforts and enhance campaign results

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January 30, 2020, 5:29 PM UTC

Revenue operations combine and align existing business functions like marketing, sales, tech and customer success to break down departmental siloes.

Though marketers are worried that revenue operations might replace their function, this piece argues that this combined operation can help marketers achieve better results. Revenue operations would enable cross-functional collaboration and open communication channels across teams to ensure an all-round view of the marketing and sales funnels.

By enabling data sharing within departments in real-time, revenue operations would drive quicker analysis, then prompt actions and adjustments. With the alignment of data, goals and resources, businesses can improve organisational transparency and overall efficiency.

The author contends that revenue operations can also drive accountability at all levels and ensure collective learning during challenging situations. The operation can further help marketers provide the “fastest and most holistic answer” to consumer needs.

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