The magnitude of a crisis should be big enough before placing the CEO as the spokesperson

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January 30, 2020, 4:15 PM UTC

Companies should also have a pre-determined alternative spokesperson for times when the CEO is not accessible during a crisis.

This piece recommends communication professionals should analyse the magnitude of a crisis before deciding their spokesperson. Having the CEO in a public-facing role during a minor emergency can risk overexposure or magnify the issue in the eyes of stakeholders.

Brands should also ensure that the spokesperson is relatable to their local target audience, in terms of language and culture of a specific geographical area. The CEO should get sufficient media training to handle press queries effectively. 

The author suggests that if the CEO doesn’t have enough subject matter expertise, businesses should appoint someone with technical knowledge. The CEO can acknowledge the situation while allowing the person with technical expertise to answer complicated press queries and effectively handle the crisis.

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