Analysing specific user behaviours can help marketers optimise UX to retain website visitors

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January 30, 2020, 4:13 PM UTC

According to Forbes, a fully optimised user experience could lead to 400% higher conversion rates.

This piece argues that a user’s first online impression of an app or website is crucial for building its business as 76% of consumers are willing to quit brands forever after a single bad interaction. Marketers should analyse certain user behaviours to identify the reasons behind user drop-outs.

A Decibel study revealed how brands could understand users’ digital body language and how it can impact conversion rates. Marketers should look out for “reading behaviour” and “multi-click” behaviour of their website visitors.

While reading behaviour indicates user engagement and provides a higher conversion rate, multi-click behaviour indicates frustration and leads to reduced conversions. The author suggests marketers should understand customer behaviours and glean insights from on-page and in-app elements to improve its digital experiences.  

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