Adding relevant industry insights to emails can help B2B marketers improve personalization 

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January 30, 2020, 5:32 PM UTC

Marketers should add context to their email content to support personalization.

This piece argues that industry-specific data is more important than “demographic” and “psychographic” profiles of the prospects in B2B personalization. According to research conducted by Corporate Vision, industry-specific personalized emails got 24% higher click-throughs and 50% higher meetings set than other emails.

Further, B2B marketers can also add competitors’ insights to activate their prospects’ “sense of voyeurism”. Corporate Vision’s report also states that sharing a story about how a similar company solved a common industry problem attracts prospective customers.

The author suggests marketers should not alienate their leads after successfully achieving personalization. Brands should further group their content into “experience hubs” and not let their prospects struggle to find their desired piece of information.

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