A “kill switch” can ensure that brand messaging during a crisis isn’t “tone-deaf”

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January 29, 2020, 2:28 AM UTC

A PR crisis could easily start on social media.

This article states that companies mustn’t fail to make proper preparations so as to not appear “tone-deaf” in the event of a crisis. Social media posts are at particular risk at such times. And so, the author argues the need for a “kill switch”.

A kill switch can ensure that a brand’s communication makes sense within the boundaries of the crisis-management plan. Such preparation combined with fleshing out social media guidelines can make way for a speedy response to a crisis. It also means involving the stakeholders early on into the process.

Sallie Mae’s Temeka Easter Rice states that it’s important for brands to run crisis drills regularly. Ensuring each team member and internal stakeholders know their responsibility can prepare companies to recover fast.

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