Involve customers in the brand stories to build a relationship with the audience

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January 29, 2020, 1:33 PM UTC

A good brand story can ideally help brands turn their prospects into buyers, testimonials, clients and referrals. 

This piece argues businesses should build their brand stories around their customers and not the company itself. Crafting stories that include customers can help brands humanly invite audiences to be a part of their brand’s journey.

Telling a brand story that involves customers as the main character enables businesses to build relationships, trust, and community with their audiences. Brands should identify the ways they can share their stories that “attracts, inspires and activates” prospects.

The author contends that businesses should have a ‘proper brand architecture’ and ‘message foundation’ to build effective storytelling. Further, they should also know their audience and the ways they can serve them their ‘real value’ consistently to form a compelling brand story.

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