Focus on customer benefits and ROI while leveraging value marketing to B2B customers​

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January 28, 2020, 11:15 AM UTC

B2B companies assess potential suppliers based on their ability to meet customer needs and obtain higher ROI.

This piece suggests brands should focus on customer benefits and ROI to market their product around value, instead of price. Quantifying value with examples like productivity gains and reduced downtime among others can motivate potential customers to make investments and justify it to their budget holders.

Businesses should build their brands while communicating and delivering value to their customers. A strong B2B brand can not only provide credibility and differentiation to the businesses but can also support their price positioning.

The author recommends B2B marketers should directly approach the highest decision-makers of the target company to increase the chances of a big sale. But brands should not neglect the influencers of the decision-makers, who are usually responsible for shortlisting potential suppliers.  

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