Creating cross-channel advertising strategies can help marketers acquire more customers

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January 28, 2020, 3:56 PM UTC

To keep up with innovation and consumer behaviours, brands should be aware of grey markets, reviews and cross-channel strategy among others.

This piece talks about five key elements in the digital advertising space, which retail advertisers should know to stay ahead in the industry. Creating a cross-channel strategy can help marketers create a seamless ad campaign across different marketing channels.

Considering the time for product launch along with creating a detailed product listing allows brands to effectively target consumers across channels. Implementing a smart tracking system with model numbers can further help track products and reduce the chances of them being sold in grey markets.

The author contends brands should build presence and monitor all sites relevant to their businesses to encourage positive customer reviews. Marketers can further implement the latest innovations like automated solutions to enhance ecommerce ad performances.

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