Creating compelling video stories can help brands attract users to their Instagram IGTV series

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January 28, 2020, 5:04 PM UTC

Marketers should create a video longer than 60 seconds to share it on Instagram’s IGTV.

Brands and influencers can leverage Instagram’s IGTV to create video series and enhance engagement rates. Marketers should plan their IGTV series and create compelling videos to hook the user’s attention in the first 30 seconds.

Marketers should carefully plot the beginning, middle and end of videos or make a script to create videos that engage and thrills the audience, while also delivering a clear message. Brands can also exploit IGTV’s one-minute preview on the feeds to attract user attention, without having them leave the Instagram app.

Including relevant hashtags in the description of the video series can help marketers reach audiences beyond their followers’ list. Marketers can further leverage the IGTV’s standalone platform to create, edit and upload videos.

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