Build a shared dictionary within the marketing team to avoid confusion regarding business terms

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January 28, 2020, 4:23 PM UTC

Brands should treat team members and stakeholders like customers to improve internal communications. 

This piece suggests marketers should create a common dictionary within the department to avoid misalignment in the terminologies used by different members of the team. Understanding each other’s roles and terminologies will make the team consistent and more equipped towards accomplishing goals together.

After attaining consistency within the marketing team, marketers can deliver relevant messages, while offering value in terms that are meaningful to each stakeholder. Marketers can use their content marketing skills like empathizing and telling a compelling story to address their internal stakeholders. 

To communicate with the C-suite, marketers should prove the value of their marketing initiatives in concrete terms. They should connect their marketing ideas with terms like revenue and ROI while explaining the impact of marketing initiatives to the decision-makers.  

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