AI can help social media marketers extract deep insights from the collected data

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January 28, 2020, 11:50 AM UTC

It can also help businesses reach their audience faster.

This article shares some benefits that social media marketers and businesses can expect from the use of AI. Not only does AI collect better data quality and quantity from social platforms, it also provides deep insights from the data collected. It can improve ad targeting and help create better content.

An AI-driven value-based news feed is a striking feature of Instagram. Depending on user preferences, the feature optimises the news feed for every user. This lets brands reach their audiences faster.

AI finds applications in Pinterest too, with the deep learning algorithm of Pinterest, PinSage. It is based on neural networking and means that each image on Pinterest is attached to a neural network based on a theme. PinSage now helps brands rank better and enhances user engagement.

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