Smaller video streaming platforms explore ecommerce marketing opportunities within interactive video

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January 27, 2020, 7:04 PM UTC

Nearly 49% of Americans took action after seeing product placement in media, which indicates that interactive product placement could be a good marketing strategy.

With smaller video streaming platforms catching up with interactive video content, it provides new opportunities for brands to seamlessly sell their products. While Netflix promotes itself as an ad-free platform, smaller streaming platforms like Eko have been more vocal about the interactive video after its recent partnership with Walmart.

This article states that long-term partnerships with filmmakers and brands could present more possibilities for interactive entertainment. Though shoppable videos aren’t a new concept, smaller e-commerce brands could require more time to adopting the technology.

Creating Interactive product placement could help brands increase click-through rates without being invasive. Streaming platforms could align their content with appropriate brands and retailers to create elegant and inviting product placements.

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