Only 28% of marketers are prioritising data quality

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January 27, 2020, 10:00 AM UTC

Nielsen surveyed marketers at over 360 brands and agencies.

The study cited in the article revealed that regardless of the non-confidence in ROI for digital channels, marketers hold them to different standards than traditional. They are perceived to be more effective and require more spending.

The study highlighted that only 28% of marketers prioritise data quality. It ranks “well behind” targeting, ad creative and reach priorities. The research also found marketers prioritising advertising over trade promotions despite the capability of the latter to provide information about consumer’s in-store purchase behaviours.

A lot of marketers are making efforts to acquire new customers and drive brand awareness. However, as per the report, only 8% of marketers are working on reducing churn. 41% of respondents are looking to acquire new customers and only 13% of marketers are looking to retain existing ones.

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