Marketers should build a ‘consistent’ and ‘authentic’ character to narrate their business stories

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January 27, 2020, 2:36 PM UTC

Business stories should communicate the qualities of the brand that distinguish it from others

This piece suggests marketers should build a consistent and authentic character while narrating their business stories to make them more compelling. While establishing the character in the first three to five seconds can be challenging, businesses should introduce their subject and then explain what their data represents.

Brand storytellers should directly address the most important issue, show and convince audiences to care about the issue. Though brands need not “sugarcoat their ideas” to make their stories compelling, they should also not over-explain their problems.

The author says that the sales numbers and brand’s quarterly results might not generate much excitement among their audiences. But if delivered in the right way, these numbers can help marketers engage with their audiences.

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