Focused and coordinated social media campaigns can let brands expand their podcast audience

Shinmin Bali
January 27, 2020, 3:36 AM UTC

Websites, email and social media campaigns are key areas to focus on.

The author shares some tips on how brands can grow their podcast audience. Businesses must manage their podcast website to build a direct connection with their avid listeners and to engage new ones. Such a website can let listeners find a brand’s content through web search, rather than podcast apps.

Sending new episode alerts or updates about recent episodes through email newsletters is efficient in keeping listeners interested. Additionally, companies’ email campaigns could include newsletter-only exclusives such as sneak peeks or sound clips about the celebration of a special occasion.

Carrying out focused, targeted and coordinated social media campaigns can also help grow the podcast audience. The author also recommends being a guest host on a podcast that has an audience similar to yours.

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