Ensure links are live and current to limit negative impact on SEO

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January 27, 2020, 1:35 AM UTC

Simply updating content to include keywords can improve its search ranking.

Updating and expanding old content can help a brand improve their SEO and provide better information to users. It’s crucial for brands to make sure their content is updated and accurate to provide an enhanced user experience. Simple editing of content to include keywords can let it rank better and get higher click-through rates.

Brands could use Google Search Console data to get insights on how to upgrade new content. However, update content depending on the search patterns that are relevant to the company and the original article.

Companies must regularly check if links are live and current to avoid negatively impacting SEO. Adding new media, especially videos is an effective way to upgrade content. Additionally, experimenting with call-to-action and headings can boost conversions.

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