Brands need to focus on mobile video advertising while the ecosystem for CTV matures

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January 27, 2020, 12:18 PM UTC

An average US adult watches 40 minutes of videos on mobile devices per day.

This piece argues businesses should focus more on mobile video advertising as opposed to the connected TV (CTV), which is still evolving as a channel. While broadcasters properly adopt programmatic advertising, the mobile video offers the combination of scaled distribution, audience targeting and proven measurability that brands need to deliver effective campaigns.

The article also states that consumer habits are shifting more towards consuming content independently of devices.  This is further compounded by a steady decline in audience figures for linear TV viewership.

The author contends that leveraging mobile video ads can help marketers increase engagement rates and build one-to-one relationships with consumers. Focusing on the mobile medium can also help brands deliver high-impact brand messaging to a massive, engaged audience.

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