Win over Gen Alpha by embracing their preferred technologically-powered experiences and channels

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January 23, 2020, 6:50 AM UTC

Find prospects whose values align with the brand’s to turn Gen Alpha customers into advocates.

This article states that Gen Alpha (children born from 2010 onwards) are highly opinionated and important decision-makers within the home. Hence, while connecting with them, brands must be wary of choosing the wrong channel or message. With Gen Alpha growing with devices like voice-enabled smart speakers, their relationship with technology is “natural”.

Therefore, they have higher expectations from smart devices than previous generations. Brands must consider the new channels this generation is comfortable with, so as to build a strong relationship with them.

Since Gen Alpha stands by equal opportunities, marketers should embrace diversity and inclusivity of all demographics, while refraining from offering different options for each. Brands must ditch broad demographics and get more granular when identifying target customers.

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