Revisit first and second-party data, and contextual targeting for more accuracy

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January 23, 2020, 12:13 PM UTC

Refocus on creative advertising by moving away from “unregulated” third-party data.

Following Google’s announcement of it phasing out third-party cookies and providing a solution to stop fingerprinting, the search giant recently introduced “Privacy Sandbox”. Companies are apprehensive about what the proposed tracking limitation will mean for the ad tech ecosystem, especially third-party targeting, attribution and ad tech downstream businesses.

The author argues that this is a “necessary system cleanup” which will benefit consumers through better privacy protection as well as advertisers, since attribution modelling “never really worked”. Marketers must rely on experimentation and survey-based methods.

As ad tech has amplified costs, brands must return to first and second-party data sources, and contextual targeting to improve accuracy. Further, a concentration of market players enables clients to have direct relationships with important ad sellers, thus reducing agencies’ role and consequent costs.

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