Brands should leverage AI to analyse engagement processes to stand out among competition

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January 23, 2020, 2:43 PM UTC

Data, innovation and differentiation can help brands stand out and create personalised messages.

This piece argues that rather than focusing on “what they sell”, businesses should focus on “how they sell” to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Marketers should utilise customer data to figure the most relevant customers for their businesses and find out if their messaging is creating engagement.

The author contends that organisations in 2020 need to stop branding advanced data analytics as “AI” for marketing purposes. He also predicts that increased usage of AI in marketing will lead to lower staffing costs and accelerated growth for businesses.

Aligning organisational goals with sales and marketing departments can help brands “sync” throughout the marketing funnel and identify potential consumers. Then marketing and sales teams can focus on creating high-quality personalised content for target customers to fast-track the consumer journey.

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