Asking consumers about their expectations from a brand can help create better buyer personas

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January 23, 2020, 1:05 PM UTC

Analysing buyers’ challenges can enable marketers to understand different personas and solve their problems.

Marketers should talk to their current and potential consumers about their expectations from a brand, to understand their needs and create effective buyer personas. Brands should look for “underlying” needs that guide their consumers’ decisions and focus on the bigger picture rather than immediate problems.

To effectively connect with target buyers, brands should avoid using jargons and explain to consumers how their products can solve customer problems. Marketers should find their buyer’s priorities and identify how brands can help them get more of it.

The author suggests marketers should ask consumers how the company or their product has supported them, for creating better buyer personas. Interacting with unsatisfied customers can further help businesses understand their let-downs, and improve functionality and user experience in future.

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