Marketers need to implement processes that meet customer data privacy policies globally

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January 22, 2020, 4:20 PM UTC

Assuring data privacy can help organisations repair their strained relationships with consumers.

This piece argues that instead of seeing privacy regulations as an obstacle, brands should consider it as an opportunity and embrace privacy legislation like the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA). Businesses should implement processes that can meet or exceed privacy policies in each country or state.

Marketers should ensure that their data collection process complies with the privacy laws and follows the ethical standards of the authorities. The author contends that privacy philosophies can be formed as a foundation for lobbying and shaping legislation that is friendly to businesses’ causes.

By asserting privacy as the default mode of operation, brands can not only self-regulate but also reassure consumers of their data protection. Brands should demonstrate their commitments towards data privacy to legislators and regain the goodwill of consumers.

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