Marketers must ensure that addresses on email lists are valid before launching an email campaign

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January 22, 2020, 7:45 AM GMT+0

Validating emails can help a brand avoid getting blacklisted.

This pieces recommends ways in which marketers can make email marketing efforts more effective.  This involves ensuring that email lists have opt-ins and every email address on the list is valid before launching an email campaign. Using addresses that have syntax issues can get the company blacklisted.

Businesses must develop a deep understanding of an industry’s best practices and remain up to date on them. Seek help from deliverability professionals to ensure compliance with federal and global laws, customer expectation alignment and reputation management.

Businesses must practice “good list hygiene” to avoid getting blacklisted. They must remove inactive contacts and extract invalid addresses to generate better quality. Additionally, they must observe unsubscribe requests and allow users to change their email addresses.

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