Focus on evocative marketing to establish an emotional bond with audiences

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January 22, 2020, 9:17 AM UTC

It will strengthen customer loyalty, advocacy and preference.

This article argues that the best way to grab readers’ attention is through simple, evocative messaging. The author explores this concept by tracing the history of “human-factors engineering”, the study of designing systems that fit the human body and cognitive abilities, instead of forcing humans to adapt.

With marketers turning to neuroscience to influence buyer behaviour, the author says that there is a “sensory overload” in digital marketing. Tuft University’s Professor James Intriligator says that we have entered a new phase of human-factors design which focuses on “emotional factors”.

Hence, brands must elevate their marketing through evocative content that heighten feelings of nostalgia, anxiety, adventure and more. Marketers can redesign websites to evoke urgency or inspiration, or use customer stories that illustrate the transformative promises of their products.

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