Consider alternatives like product iterations or spinoff brands before pivoting

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January 22, 2020, 11:57 AM GMT+0

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This article states that pivoting involves high costs as the company’s mission, strategy and product are overhauled. The author recommends looking for iterations before committing to a pivot by citing Axe’s marketing tweak when it received flak for its hyper-masculine ads. The company simply changed how their ads defined masculinity instead of making drastic changes.

The author adds that businesses should consider a spinoff brand if their standard model doesn’t work for a broader set of customers. If brands have strayed away from their models, they should revisit their company’s mission statement and value proposition to realign themselves.

Since making a reckless change can hamper the company’s internal operations, businesses should gradually work towards reorienting their overall strategy. They should implement smaller changes before scaling up to radical ones.

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