Brands should analyse domain strengths while evaluating backlink opportunities

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January 22, 2020, 7:42 PM UTC

Focusing on websites that produce relevant quality content can help businesses gain effective backlinks.

Marketers should evaluate every linking opportunity with factors like domain authority while exploring backlink opportunities from high performing websites. Brands can use tools like Domain Authority from Moz and SEMrush’s Authority Score among others to determine the right website with appropriate domain authority.

This piece recommends marketers should look at the traffic trends of a site over a certain time before getting linked with a website. Linking with websites that have a great amount of steady traffic can help marketers expand their brand exposure.

Brands should link with websites that consistently publish quality content as websites that publish content frequently are better indexed by search engines. The author suggests marketers should ensure that the website backlinking them publishes content relevant to their businesses and audiences.

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