Brands can leverage carousel ads on social channels to drive awareness and promote content

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January 22, 2020, 2:30 PM UTC

Creating horizontal infographics for carousel ads can help marketers generate more backlinks and enhance SEO.

This piece suggests brands should use carousel ads to raise brand awareness, increase reach and traffic on Instagram and Facebook. Marketers can further employ carousel ads to showcase multiple features of their products. The article also states that carousel ads prove their bottom-of-the-funnel efficacy to generate direct conversions and sales.

Providing a preview of downloadable resources like whitepapers through carousel ads can help marketers effectively generate leads. Brands can also create slides on Facebook and Instagram to showcase the samples of their resources.

Posting infographics on social media channels via carousel ads can enable marketers to improve consumer engagement and generate backlinks through outreach programs. The author recommends marketers can craft serialised content on carousel ads to broadcast multiple videos around a common theme.

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