86% of marketers have budgets defined for personalised messaging

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January 22, 2020, 11:09 AM UTC

Over the next five years, marketers are forecasted to drop personalisation efforts.

This article cites a Merkle survey which revealed that 86% of the 200 marketers surveyed have carved out budgets for personalised messaging efforts. And to implement personalisation, 82% of respondents have the martech solutions finalised. 

Another 89% of marketers reported having the necessary “organisational structure” required to execute personalised multi-channel marketing plans. However, a Gartner report cited in the piece observes that 80% of the marketers that have invested in personalisation efforts, over the next five years, will drop those efforts.

Despite the investments, technology was reported as a key challenge for personalisation by 26% of marketers. BrightEdge’s Krish Kumar highlights that marketers looking to really scale personalisation efforts must adopt technologies that lets them deliver dynamic, effective personalisation across digital channels.  

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