Schedule a calendar to ensure maximum flow of relevant promotional messages

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January 21, 2020, 8:34 AM UTC

Assemble a creative team based on the calendar.

This article quotes Media Relations Agency’s Lonny Kocina, who argues that bad marketing can’t kill a good product. However, if a product isn’t useful, even the best marketing won’t save it. He outlines a process called Strategically Aimed Marketing for brands to maximise their marketing results.

First, marketers must know the broader concepts of marketing and have working knowledge of specific principles. They should develop code sheets that document essential information about the company and its products. Marketers should choose the right mix of channels depending on their resources and market.

They must schedule a calendar to consistently deliver promotional messages. Further, they should develop a control template that provides the creative staff with the right guidelines. Lastly, brands must assemble a creative team that will work within the set parameters.

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