64% of UK’s in-house communication leaders are considering hiring a virtual PR agency

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January 21, 2020, 1:44 AM UTC

In-house communications leaders in the UK were surveyed.

This article cites The Pulse Business’ report which revealed that 51% of respondents had used a virtual agency; an established business comprising of senior freelance experts. Another 64% of participants are considering working with a virtual PR agency.

For 26% of respondents, access to a broader network of skilled local or international professionals was identified as a benefit. 24% cite the flexibility to change the service depending on the client’s needs as a benefit.

For 41% of those polled, lacking enough awareness to locate such an agency is a barrier to adoption. Nicky Regazzoni, co-founder of The PR Network (a virtual PR agency), says, “What is holding our category back is awareness of where to find us, and understanding of the breadth and depth of the offer.”

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