Revenue lost due to cookie-blocking can be recovered by monetising adblocks

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January 20, 2020, 1:52 AM UTC

Replace behavioural targeting with contextual advertising.

This article states that the CCPA and GDPR, along with restrictions at the browser level are making it tougher for publishers and adtech vendors to collect and store user data. Though behavioural targeting’s results vary according to the industry and audience, the author argues that ecommerce companies will be the most affected when such targeting data is unobtainable.

Publishers can continue generating revenues by relying on contextual advertising, which analyses the content of the webpage on which an ad is served and find a contextual match. Publishers can further recover lost revenue by monetising adblocks, along with paywalls, micropayments and ad reinsertion technology.

They can leverage first-party data that website owners collect with proper consent and strike deals with advertisers. Adopting “Universal ID” solutions promise better match rates.

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