Offer thought-leadership content to customers in the top-of-mind nurture stage

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January 20, 2020, 8:34 AM UTC

Identify features that create “habit loops” for customers within in-trial nurture.

This article recommends three email nurture journeys for small business marketing teams. To create a top-of-mind nurture campaign, small businesses should use helpful, educational content which establishes them as trusted advisors.

Next, they should create a “drip nurture” and sprinkle in secondary or tertiary calls-to-action, namely demos or trails. For the in-trial nurture, brands should connect their product’s action triggers to their marketing automation. Brands can set up data science teams or gather feedback from “trailists”.

With respect to the upsell or cross-sell nurture, marketers can create campaigns targeted to existing customers, providing them with information and incentives to maximise the use of the company’s products. Marketers should make personalised recommendations within this nurture type to improve the customer’s lifetime value.

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