B2B brands should create empathy-based content to build strong relationships with their prospects

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January 20, 2020, 7:12 PM UTC

Companies should also respect their consumers’ engagement preferences to humanise complex buyer’s journeys.

This piece recommends B2B brands should create empathy-based content that addresses consumers’ everyday problems to build a strong bond with their prospective customers. To create empathy driven content, businesses should understand consumer needs, their logical and emotional triggers.  

The author contends that B2B brands should break down and “atomize” their content to make it easily accessible and consumable for their buyers. Businesses should offer ROI-focused content, peer examples, business case studies and other content types that are relevant to buyers’ every stage of the buying process.

Long-form content like ROI case studies can be recombined and repurposed in smaller portions to reach out to consumers across various channels. Sharing credible and authentic stories can help demonstrate empathy with the consumers and help marketers achieve their goals.

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