AI can deliver full-funnel insights throughout marketing campaigns for multi-touch attributions

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January 20, 2020, 4:47 PM UTC

Real-time insights generated by AI from an organisation’s CRM data can help brands align sales and marketing teams.

Leveraging AI can help marketers glean real-time and full-funnel insights into marketing campaigns for multi-touch attributions. A multi-touch attribution model can provide a full timeline of consumer activity, enabling businesses to track marketing efforts that have had an impact on the buyer journey.

Multi-touch attribution models can help brands have a better view of their campaigns and replicate successful marketing efforts. This piece states that AI can not only align discrepancies between sales and marketing departments but also enable transparent inter-departmental communication.

The alignment between these two departments can also help businesses improve customer experiences, which is essential for driving sales. The author contends that brands can further use AI to automate time-consuming tasks and create accurate attribution reports.

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