Implementing a digital asset management system can help businesses reduce costs

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January 17, 2020, 8:05 AM UTC

Digital asset management system (DAM) is a tool that stores and organises digital assets like images and audio files.

Leveraging DAM can help brands reduce costs by allowing them to effectively manage their digital assets. The system allows brands to remotely schedule updates, releases and expiry dates of their assets.

DAM can also assist in streamlining the workforce by enabling employees to easily access marketing templates. While giving brands greater control over their assets, DAM can also mitigate the risks of misuse of the company’s digital assets.

The article states that the system can also help businesses improve brand consistency and create a positive customer experience. However, marketers should focus on DAM’s ability to positively impact revenue and help in cost reduction, to get it approved by the company’s C-suite.

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