Use neuromarketing and marketing analytics together to emotionally connect with consumers

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January 16, 2020, 9:48 AM UTC

This integration will give brands a competitive advantage over competitors who only use basic AI and machine learning tool.

This article states that marketers should leverage neuromarketing insights for “added depth and confirmation metrics”. The author recommends relying on integrated neuromarketing data and practices to accurately predict consumer behaviour, and use its real-time visibility into marketing campaign performance to make adjustments.

Brands must create a single, unified view of their customer data across sources to get the “most complete” customer profile. They should correlate their marketing metrics and analytics to consumer behaviour to identify their successes and shortcomings in engagement.

With neuromarketing, companies can attain a deeper understanding of their customers and yield actionable analytics data to create more personalisation and segmentation. Using both neuromarketing and marketing analytics can enable marketers to connect with consumer on an emotional level.

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