Marketers should “write naturally” to optimise for Google’s BERT update

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January 16, 2020, 6:37 PM UTC

The BERT update uses machine learning to process natural language and interpret the meaning of queries and page content.

This piece suggests that rather than re-optimising SEO strategies, brands should focus on creating content with meaningful information. By focusing on the search intent of users and creating easy-to-read web pages, marketers can improve their organic ranking and conversational searches.

Creating “how-to pages” and content with “hyper-specific explanations” can further help brands rank higher on the search results. Having an in-depth understanding of buyer personas will enable marketers to create content that addresses their customers’ pain-points.

By participating in forums, review sites and social media platforms, brands can “informally” address a wide range of customer search queries. The author suggests marketers should avoid stuffing articles with keywords and focus on the relevance of queries to optimize for BERT update.

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