“Loyalty” has been the topmost consumer value in the US over the decade

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January 16, 2020, 2:05 AM UTC

Gartner offers a quantified measurement of consumer values.

Gartner’s annual Consumer Values and Lifestyle survey provides that consumer values have been quite stable over the decade. Loyalty has secured the first position for US consumers each year. The top 8 values (loyalty, responsibility, authenticity, justice, honesty, equality, success and courtesy) have remained relatively consistent.

Gartner urges marketers to note any big shifts, as they may be indicative of changing ideals and aspirations of a given population. Tracking those changes could be a powerful way to predict cultural and attitudinal shifts.

From 2010 to today, the biggest upward shifts in the US in terms of values are associated with self-protection and seeking refuge. These include relaxation, safety, serenity, security and simplicity. Conversely, wisdom, independence, duty and self-esteem have seen a consistent decline in rank and resonance.

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