B2B marketers should define their ideal customer for more relevant communication

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January 16, 2020, 10:01 AM UTC

Reach cold prospects through a combination of platforms.

This article states that B2B brands can effectively generate leads by starting with clearly defining their ideal customer. This will enable marketers to determine the strategies, advertising images and copies, offers and appeals that work best for their target customers.

B2B marketers should then focus on developing their brand identity which reflects their unique differentiating benefit for their ideal customer. The author recommends brand and digital marketers, and sales reps and account executives to work together in order to “fight siloisation”.

To generate leads, brands must use a combination of platforms as not every prospect is present on all. Marketers should create a variety of images, texts and scripts to see which get the best response. Finally, they should measure all their activities and make improvements wherever necessary.

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