Adding “bestseller” stamps on products can strengthen social proof

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January 16, 2020, 9:24 AM UTC

Such stamps guide first-time website visitors by giving them a starting point.

This piece shares examples of effective social proof popups that can help marketers turn visitors into subscribers. Presenting customer testimonials like quotes and customer reviews can help online stores gain credibility. Displaying selected product reviews on a site is a form of social proof and helps eliminate obstacles to purchase.

“Bestseller” stamps on a product lends credibility to it, thereby acting as social proof. Because of this, they seemingly work better than ordinary product lists. They can persuade new site visitors by presenting them with a starting point.

The author recommends including numbers in social proof popups. By doing this, companies can convince visitors to sign up for email lists and even complete their purchase. Numbers can also help retain customers that are just about to abandon a site.

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