Produce lesser content and ease approval processes for social media posts

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January 15, 2020, 6:36 AM UTC

It is impractical for brands to spend so much time on social media content, given its low shelf-life.

This article argues that brands are investing too much time in building content with disproportionate returns. The author gives an example of revamping corporate websites, which involves several stages of approvals, and rounds of recoding, rewriting and revising.

The same goes for social media where audiences are consuming more content than before, but are also forgetting it faster than ever. While social media content is important, it has a very low shelf-life. Further, the cost per piece of content is exorbitant, and most brands don’t manage their content budgets effectively.

Hence, the author advises marketers to produce lesser content and ease their approval processes. Along with creativity and accuracy, speed should be given importance.

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